Arctic Sea Ice Outlook 2010 by OASys, AWI, and FastOpt

In 2010, as in the previous years 2008 and 2009, OASys participates in the S4D Sea Ice Outlook (SIO).

As in the last years, in 2010 OASys, AWI, and FastOpt participate in the international SEARCH/S4D Sea Ice Outlook (SIO). As last year the variational data assimilation system NAOSIMDAS is used to optimize the initial conditions for the outlook.

The results for the first outlook in 2010 (June outlook) of the AWI/OASys/FAstOpt contribution can be found here.

On the homepage of AWI a press release on the first of a series of monthly outlooks can be found.

Follow these links for more information on SEARCH, DAMOCLES and S4D.